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Multimodal shipments with ABM Trans Service – that’s your best complex decision! Print
  • Road - sea – railway shipments;
  • Container shipments – vehicle transport.
Multimodal shipments with ABM Trans Service – that’s your best complex decision!

Advantages of various transport modes on each of the shipment section actively apply at multimodal shipments, what in its turn optimize freight delivery scheme as per customer’s requirements: shipment cost, delivery terms, safety of cargo, stockpiling capacity, warehousing and stockpiling at transloading sites during goods shipment.

For many years experience ABM Trans Service professionals have developed efficient and cost-effective shipment scheme and routes over Central Asia, CIS, Europe countries and others, in which not many companies succeed up to date by use of railway, sea, road, port capacities, sea tonnage of various types.

Transported goods may be heavy cargoes, general cargoes, light-weight and high volume goods to long distances, bulk freight, loose and unitized cargo, small volume freights to long distances in containers of railways fleet, as well as outsized and within loading gauge freights. Within this service ABM Trans Service does not implement the transportation of the super-outsized cargoes and dangerous cargoes of first class ADR.

ABM Trans Service provides full complex of services at multimodal shipments, which includes the following, while ensuring safety of consignment delivery and assuming full responsibilities for the shipment process:
  • Door to door» delivery
  • Coordination of the activities of all the participants of the transport process
  • Tracing the consignment, delivery terms
  • Hauling operations management
  • Processing of the freight supporting documentation
  • Full complex of freight handling and reloading in ports
All types of the services are provided individually, as per your request. Works organization and implementation is being held as by ABM Trans Service own resources either through long-term contracts with supplier-partners network.

Special features of the multimodal shipments
Freights which are outsized for transportation by road may be within loading gauge for transportation by rail. Transportation of such freights by rail may be much cheaper, rather than by vehicles.

ABM Trans Service professionals arrange freight delivery by different transport modes with reloading of those at transfer points from one transport mode to another without participation of cargo owner, as well as freight delivery by railroad in all kinds of the rolling stock.

Complex logistics solutions
Services provided by ABM Trans Service all together may be specified as totality of logistics solutions, including freight delivery for the client by sea, surface, air.

What will be this solution – will depend on the ABM Trans Service customer’s requirements.
Professionalism and experience of ABM Trans Service specialists will help you to find the most beneficial logistics decisions, and also will provide the high quality service.

The fundamental elements of provided complex services are the wide network of the high-class partners, knowledge of state legislation, and the most valuable is the experience of our staff exactly and accurately executing assigned objectives.

To obtain the rate for multimodal shipment you may apply to ABM Trans Service office or send the request for rate on the following email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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