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  • Direct shipments (export and import);
  • Cargo consolidation;
  • Express-mail, parcel shipments;
  • Transportation of high-value, exhibition and dangerous freights;
  • Arrangement of freight charter flights;
  • Outsized cargo shipments.
Company ABM Trans Service will deliver your freight to any world's location promptly, safely and effectively!
ABM Trans Service implements international courier air shipments from any world’s locations in any direction. The range of shipments is quite wide – from documents, parcels, spare parts, industrial equipment, electrical accessories, furniture, clothes, medicaments, to chemicals, including dangerous goods, food products, and also high-value, exhibition, fragile, perishable goods.

Company creates its untarnished reputation based on its customers’ confidence. And company appreciates that delivering the consignment on your behalf is still responsible for retention of your reputation and confidence of your customers. ABM Trans Service proposes guaranteed delivery, efficient prices, unique solutions, and more and more global companies choose its services.

ABM Trans Service implements such services as:
Express delivery of documents, parcels and cargoes from Dushanbe to all regional centers of the Republic of Tajikistan and practically to any world’s location having a wide partners network ABM Trans Service as per predicated transit terms providing full complex of services including «door to door» delivery of the consignment either in country of origin and both country of destination. Company works with project cargoes allowing for customer wishes and applying an individual approach to each customer and convenient payment terms for services provided.

Goods requiring customs clearance have to pass the appropriate procedures. The company provides such services as consignment customs clearance and arrangement and reservation of the air shipments.

At client’s wish ABM Trans Service provides documentary confirmation on delivery of your consignment to the consignee with his/her signature, stated time and date by fax or email.

After processing your request by the operator the courier will arrive to your house or office so that to collect and pack your documents or parcel. Courier service call is for free.

To obtain the rate for air shipment you may apply to ABM Trans Service office or send the request for rate on the following email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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